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รหัส : CX-PT-530
Differential pressure transmitter
Type : CX-PT-530 Differential pressure transmitter
lllustrate : Widely used in petroleum chemical industry metallurgy electric power, light industry building materials medicine, environmental protection scientific research and other enterprises and institution realize to test the process fluid pressure and is suitable for various occasions all-weather environment and all kinds of corrosive liquid.

รหัส : CX-PT-3051
Singel flange pressure transmitter
Type : CX-PT-3051 Singel flange pressure transmitter
lllustrate : Single flange pressre transmitter is wide used for measing differtial pressure level density of liquid gas or steam and convert the value of above into current signal output or digital protocol output

รหัส : CX-PT-3051L
Flange level transmitter
Type : CX-PT-3051L flange level transmitter

lllustrate : The leval transmitter choose f type level transmitter choose the solid transmitter and low pressure cast aluminium alloy body cast It can chooes many kinds of filled liquid and it cam meet different situation requests.

รหัส : CX-PT-3351
Remote flange type differential pressure transmitter
Type : CX-PT-3351 Remote flange type differential pressure transmitter

lllustrate : Remote differential/level transmitter is used for prevent the medium in the pipe direct into the transmitter. The capillary is connedted between pressure sensing diaphragm and transmitter It is used for measuring liquid, gas or steam's level/flow or pressure then change it as 4-20mA Signal output.

รหัส : CXPTB-280
Explosion proof pressure transmitter (standard type)
Type : CXPTB-280 Explosion proof pressure transmitter (standard type)
lllustrate : Adopted exact compensation technology high accuracy high stability explosion proof shell with LDC display and other new designs It also insure the quality and capability suitable for all kinds of industrial process liquid measuring and controlling.

General Purpose Pressure Transmitters Type A-10
รหัส : A-10
Pressure Transmitter
Special Features

* Pressure range : from 0... 15 psi up to 0 ... 10,000 psi
* Non-Linearity : less than 0.5% BFSL (less than 0.25% available)
* Signal output : 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, 0-5 V, others available
* Electrical connection : DIN 175301-803 A and C, M12x1, 6 ft. cable, others available
* Pressure connection : 1/4 NPT, 1/2 NPT, SAE #4, others available

Pressure Transmitter Wika Model: S-11 Series,flush diaphragm
รหัส : S-11
Pressure Transmitter

Pressure Transmitter Wika Model: S-10 Series
รหัส : S-10
Pressure Transmitter

This series of pressure transmitters has been carefully designed to cover the majority of industrial applications with instruments readily available from stock.
Compact design and robust construction make these instruments suitable for all applications in machine construction, process control, laboratory or quality and materrials testing equipment.

There is an extraordinary range of instrument variants resulting from the fact that various mechanical and eletrical connections can be combined with each other to almostany extent.

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